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Share Feedback in the Bargain Shop Feedback Survey and Win Cash and Discount Offer!!!

About the Bargain Shop Feedback Survey

To build up a strong connection with their consumers The Bargain Shop company taking customer feedback surveys. Which helps them to make their more attractive or qualitative to the consumer. They are taking customer feedback through an online survey. Where they can find their faults or responsibilities during their service. And also, can be aware of customer likes and dislikes. To get an upper hand in the market rivalry in this industry.

Every company has a wish to reach the brilliance of bringing the service for which they are built. Companies are found to know what their customers think about them or how do they feel. What will satisfy them the most of what makes them unhappy after they visit the stores. For this reason, they take surveys. This type of feedback-taking surveys helps out the companies to acquire the information which can they apply for improving the overall experience.

From the survey, The Bargain Shop can make an overview of the customer’s likes and dislikes. And later on, they will change their service and products accordingly to the reviews and comments. But nowadays nobody is likely to take this type of survey. So, The Bargain Shop offers some attractive gifts or rewards to turn the customers towards the survey. And they also make some rules and requirements to make the process safe and secure. And avoid the frauds from the survey.


The Bargain Shop Feedback Survey Prize

you find yourself eligible for the survey then take the survey and be eligible for the survey sweepstakes entry and you can be a winner of a cash prize on a daily and weekly basis and you can also have a money-saving opportunity. This reward is not transferable to anyone at any cost. If you transfer the reward to anyone from your friend and family then you will lose your reward. And mind that this reward is for those who are taking the survey honestly and give genuine feedback. The actual rewards are as follows.

After completion of the survey, you will get a promo code and you can redeem that promo code on your next visit.

You can get a 10% discount on your next purchase from the Bargain Shop. They are also giving 10 $1000 daily cash prizes and $1500 weekly cash prizes on your next visit.

Your reward can be different from other participants. so, you must check the receipt to know about your reward in detail. You will only get that as your reward what is printed in your receipt.


Rules and Requirements of the Bargain Shop Feedback Survey

To take the survey you just need to follow some rules and make some arrangements upon the requirements. These rules will help you to make yourself eligible for participation. And you must make some arrangements as per the requirements. The rules and requirements are as follows.

  • To perform this survey, you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, Honduras, or Korea.
  • To perform this survey online you must know the basic or fundamental of the English language. It is important to know because this survey can be taken only in the English language.
  • To participate in this survey in the online method you must have a stable network connection to access the internet. And for this reason, you just need a smart device like a laptop or computer, or smartphone.
  • To participate in this survey in the online method you must have the receipt of the Bargain Shop while taking the survey. but make sure your receipt has a 12-digit survey code.
  • Working employees of the Bargain Shop and their family members and the company affiliated agents or persons and companies are not eligible for the survey.
  • Your offer or reward is not transferable to anyone else at any cost or for any other choice.
  • A valid email id is a must to take this survey and get the reward. To complete the survey and get the code for your reward a valid email id will be required.


How to Perform the Bargain Shop Feedback Survey Online

If you get to know that you are eligible for the survey upon reading the survey rules and the requirements. The following are the easy steps to complete the survey and win the rewards.

  • To perform this survey, you must visit the survey site. And you will find the survey site by browsing this link www.bargainshoplistens.com
  • After that, you will enter a webpage and you can start the survey from that page.
  • Then enter the 12-digit survey entry code to perform the survey.
  • After entering the survey entry code, you have to click on the “Enter” button to start the feedback giving process.

About the Bargain Shop Feedback Survey

  • You will find a group of questions related to your last experience at the Bargain Shop.
  • Rate as per your general satisfaction level as per your ongoing visit understanding.
  • Answer all the survey questions genuinely on the scale from pleased to displeased or you happy or unhappy.
  • Usually, the questions are about your visit and order, the staff’s helping nature, client administration, air and services, delivery, price, locations, hours, etc of the Bargain Shop.
  • Now, you have to give your info like your full name, address, contact number, email address.
  • Submit the survey and you will get the Bargain Shop Coupon Code to save money or get the cash prize on your future visit to the Bargain Shop Locations.


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How to Perform the Bargain Shop Feedback Survey by Mail

To perform this survey by mail you have to do a few simple works. The procedure for taking this survey by mail is as follows.

Please hand-write the following sentence

“Please let me enter in the Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes” on a sheet of paper on which you have hand-printed your first name, last name, home telephone number, address, email address, and the name of a participating Customer and mail it in a separate envelope with sufficient postage to:

[Enter Month/Year] Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Customer]
511 Avenue of the Americas, #40
New York, NY


[Enter Month/Year] Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Customer]
2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5N 2X4


[Enter Month/Year] Mail-In Entry
c/o [Enter Name of Participating Customer]
One Victoria Square
Birmingham, UK
B1 1DB


About the Bargain Shop

The Bargain! Shop Holdings, Inc. is a discount variety store chain, which is also known as TB!S. it is operating in all Anglophone provinces all over Canada.  It is belonging to the retail industry. It was founded in the tear 1991. Now it is based in Mississauga, Ontario. It produces clothing, grocery, footwear, bedding, beauty products, and housewares.


the Bargain Shop Contact

1 800.984.8031





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