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Take Part in the Old Navy Survey and Get a 10% Discount!!!

About Old Navy Survey :

Old Navy wishes to know about their customer realization level on their products and services. Are their customers being happy with the Old Navy products and services or not. and also wants to know about the customer’s choice to be up to date in the current competing market. And this information will help them very much to manage the whole system. Customer needs, are all for them because without customers they have nothing to achieve. So, they managed this survey to take the customer feedback and they will entertain all types of feedback from the customers. And being up to date they can compete with their competitors from the industry from where the Old Navy has belonged.

Old Navy will allow you to converse your thoughts with them. To take this information Old Navy sets this stage in the form of a survey and for this reason, Old Navy offers some cheer. If you have any questions then you can them about that with the help of this survey. But make sure you are telling them the truth. They don’t organize the survey to hear about likes they also want to hear about your dislikes about them and their service or products or any other department which doesn’t make you satisfied.

During the survey, you must have the ability to remember your visit to the Old Navy store near you at the time of taking the survey. In the survey customer or the participants must tell them about everything happening when you are in the store. Participants have to tell them about the quality, staff behavior, and the quantity, atmosphere of the Old Navy store.

If you give the survey genuinely then this survey can lead you to the survey rewards but follow the rules and give the feedback fairly and correctly else you will miss the reward.


Old Navy Survey Prize :

When you complete the survey then you will be eligible for the survey reward. But you have to give the feedback or opinion honestly, except giving the honestly you can’t win the survey reward. And with this, you must follow the rules and requirements regarding the reward. When you complete the survey, you can get a money-saving opportunity on your next visit.

The actual reward is a discount offer. You can get a 10% off on your purchase when you visit the Old Navy in near future. Just after completing the survey, you will get a 10% off Old Navy Coupon Code. And that code will be redeemed as your actual reward.


Old Navy Survey Rules and Requirements :

To participate in the survey participant must maintain the rules and requirements. And These rules and requirements are made to make the participant eligible for the survey and also tell about the arrangements which have to be made to take the survey. the rules and requirements are as follows.

  • To take this survey a purchase is very essential. Without having a purchase, you can’t take this survey.
  • This survey is available for the legal residents of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. So, you must be a legal resident to participate in the Old Navy Survey.
  • To perform this survey, you must be 18 years old. This a8 years of age are the minimum limit to take this survey and there is no upper age limit.
  • This survey is limited to one survey per receipt. That means you can take this survey for one time by a single receipt.
  • You have to use the Old Navy coupon code within 2 weeks after completing the survey or getting the coupon code.
  • Your reward is not transferable or cannot be handed over to anyone else at any cost or for any other choice.
  • Old Navy employees and their immediate family members are not allowed to take the survey. and the connected persons, agencies, and companies are also not allowed to take this survey.
  • To perform this survey, you must need a receipt from the Old Navy. To begin the survey, you must have the receipt. Because you have to enter some details to start the survey.
  • This is an online survey. And to perform an online survey you must have a strong network to be online at the time of taking the survey.
  • This survey can be taken or performed in three different languages like English, Spanish, and French. So, participants must have the basic knowledge of any one language among these three languages.
  • To complete the survey and get the Old Navy Coupon Code you must have a valid email id.


How to Perform Old Navy Survey :

Once you get that you are eligible for the survey then make the arrangements as per the requirements. Then take the survey without wasting time and grab the reward before the survey period is ended. And given the feedback honestly to win the rewards. If you want to take the survey without any hesitation then follow the underneath steps.

  • To perform the Old Navy survey, you have to visit the official survey site through this link www.survey.medallia.com
  • Now a webpage will appear and from there you can start the survey by entering some details. And from that page, you can also change the language as well.
  • After that change the language if needed. The available languages are Spanish and French. And by default, the survey is available in the English language. you can change the language from the top right of that page.
  • Now enter some details like store number, date of purchase, and then chose the time of your visit from a drop-down list, and transaction ID.
  • After entering such details, you must click on the “Next” button to start the further process.


old navy


  • Now the survey or feedback procedure is started and you have to answer or rate some questions or the products or services as per your experience when you visited the Old Navy.
  • You have to give detailed information about your visit. You have to tell them about the product and service quality which you have during your visit. And you have to also tell them about their staff helping nature, store environment, store location, etc.
  • Then provide your details like name, address, contact number, email address.
  • Now submit the survey and get the coupon code which will help you to redeem the reward


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About Old Navy :

Old Navy is a clothing and accessories retailing company in America. It was founded in the year 1994. It is parented by Gap Inc. from the initial time to the present time. Now it is based in San Francisco, California, United States. It produces Clothing. It has more than 11 hundred stores to operate. It is belonging to the retail industry and it is a division type company.


Old Navy Contact Info :

Customer Service

00 1 614-744-3908



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