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south charleston sanitary board pay bill

City of South Charleston Sanitary Board Bill Payment :


Their office is as of now tolerating each client in turn in the entryway. Favored installment strategies are through mail, drop box or with a MasterCard utilizing their online installment entryway which has the expense postponed during the pandemic.


The Sanitary Board was planned and framed in stages finished. Association Carbide and the City of South Charleston united to develop the Wastewater Treatment Plant which was finished. The Sanitary Board started giving sterile sewer administrations to the Green Valley Community Public Service District.


City of South Charleston Sanitary Board Online Bill Pay:


  • For the online bill payment open the page www.scsbwv.com
  • After the page opens at top right click on ‘My account’ button.

south charleston sanitary board

  • In the next screen enter account number now click on ‘Search’ button.


City of South Charleston Sanitary Board Bill Phone Payment:


  • For the phone bill payment you have to call on the invoice number
  • You have to call on 304-768-4140.


City of South Charleston Sanitary Board Bill Mail Payment:


  • To pay the bill through mail you will get an address
  • You have to post it to 1 Rockcrest Drive. Box 8336. South Charleston, WV 25303.

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City of South Charleston Sanitary Board Sewer System Procedure:


  • Property holders are liable for building the sewer line from their home toward the South Charleston sewer framework. The South Charleston Sanitary Board will develop a four or six inch tap to your property line, or to the edge of their easement if the fundamental line was at that point built on your property. The area of the finish of the tap will be set apart with a stake.
  • On the off chance that you are building just one single-family staying to the sewer line, a four-inch distance across line might be utilized. In the event that you are interfacing at least two single-family homes or a high rise to the sewer, the base line size that can be utilized is six crawls in breadth.
  • The line should be SDR 35 or Schedule 40 and should bear the class assignment as an afterthought. It likewise should be obvious to South Charleston Sanitary Board’s overseers or the line may not be utilized.
  • The line should be laid at an incline of a most un-1/8 an inch for every foot. Point the ringer of the line tough.
  • Schools, Restaurants, and other eating foundations should introduce an oil trap.
  • Administration stations, Car washes, and specialist carports should introduce coarseness traps and oil and water separators.
  • The line should be introduced in sheet material mostly up the side of the line. Completely pack the bedding material set up. Use either sand, smasher rock, or stream rock for the bedding.
  • You should build a wipe out at the property line to clear any blockages that may happen. You can get an outline of the format at our office.
  • Associate with the sewer utilizing a Fernco elastic coupling with hardened steel groups.
  • Don’t inlay the pipeline until it has been reviewed by the South Charleston Sanitary Board. Auditors will be made Monday through Friday during ordinary working hours.
  • Try not to interface rooftop channels, footer channels or some other kind of channel that permits water or other surface waste to enter the sewer framework. This is an infringement of the South Charleston Sewer Use Ordinance.
  • When your sewer line has been assessed and endorsed, you may inlay the channel.
  • A $250.00 tap expense is charged to all new clients. The expense will by and large be charged for each water meter introduced on the property.


City of South Charleston Sanitary Board Contact Support:


If you are looking for further support call on the toll-free number +1 304-768-4140.


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